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ABOUT Infinite Bit

Infinite Bit began as an art piece by Jerry Cannon.
View it interactively here: http://infinite-bit.infinite-bit.com.  

For Our Customers:

We Ship WORLDWIDE! Made in the United States! Free Shipping on US Orders over $100! 
We Support Independent Artists by giving back nearly 30% of each sale to the artist! 
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Infinite Bit offers THE highest quality, 100% polyester garments with the original artwork sublimated all-over on both the front and back. It’s art YOU can wear! We have a special blend of t-shirt that is unlike ANY other and a quality that is unmatched by any competitor in the business. We are a very small team but still dedicated to our customers happiness so please don’t hesitate to reach out through our contact page if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to talk about kittens and rainbows with us. Thank You for helping us to support independent artists make this world a Bit more colorful!

Helping Artists:

We exist as a source of revenue and exposure for local artistic talents. Each of the incredible designs on our website ( infinite-bit.com ) was created by an independent artist. We provide artists a platform to share their talents, further their names, and make money doing it. Where most companies give a flat percentage% of "PROFITS" (and NEVER define just what their “PROFITS” are), we are dedicated to our artists and want to keep it simple. We offer each artist 27% of the total income from each sale of their works (this is nearly 50% of profits if we factored it that way) with the ability for each artist to track their monthly sales and earnings. As an artist myself who has had my designs STOLEN by large sublimation companies with false promises, it was necessary when starting Infinite Bit to ensure that each artist retains ALL RIGHTS to THEIR works and has full control over their clothing collections. On top of sales alone, we dedicate a large portion of our time to advertising and promoting the artists we feature on our site. We want to be able to offer this sort of individual care to each artist in our phamily so at this time we sadly can only take on a limited amount of artists on our website. If you still want to be involved with us, we are always able to help independent artists wanting to purchase and begin selling their artwork on apparel with low minimums and low prices on the highest quality garments available. To become an artist on infinite-bit.com or to inquire about our artist & wholesale pricing, please go to our artist submission page. 

ABOUT the Art Piece, "Infinite Bit" by Jerry Cannon:

Infinite Bit was made with love and magic.
The story behind the piece is as follows:

I was born in an age with is an overwhelming amount of information and often questioned the impact it had on my development. How do any of us process it all? What is it that our subconscious picks up on and how do we access that information? What is it that has most largely impacted our minds and personalities subconsciously that is anchored into our memories and forms who we are? I’ve spent many nights with these questions. Imagine with me, you are sitting on a grassy hill, staring endlessly into the clouds. You see the shape of a cat with it's eyes, ears, whiskers, and tail. Your friend however, sees a seashell. What is it that causes you to decide a certain cloud formation resembled a cat? --or a seashell? --or anything really? I am not as interested in answering this as I am interested in examining the question. It is this release of unbiased creative thought that I aim to capture in my artworks. If you zoom further into my mess of collages and colors, you will see more definitive imagery and details translating my visions over the last several years.  I enjoy that many people treat my pieces with a childlike wonder and sense of creativity in expressing what imagery they see and what stories unfold from their visions of my abstract forms. No one answer is correct and I LOVE that! ∞ <3

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